Corporate investigations

We help businesses, lawyers and notaries that are the subject of an investigation into fraud or corruption. That investigation may be carried out by the Public Prosecution Service, a supervisory authority such as AFM, ACM, DNB and BFT, or an internal body.

Our team of experts are skilled at documenting and/or identifying a coherent body of facts in the run up to a potential investigation. Hiring experienced consultants in the early stages of a complex criminal behaviour case is vitally important, as it can materially affect the outcome of a case.

Due to the complexity of investigative cases, we often team up with a number of renowned accountancy firms, forensic experts and compliance professionals. This gives us access to specialist knowledge and minimises disruption to your business processes and operations. Confidentiality and integrity are fundamental principles here, and we do not compromise them.

Our corporate and sanctions lawyers are also experienced in handling damage control from the very moment a case receives undesirable publicity. As such, we have excellent relationships with a number of respected media and communication consultants.

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