Criminal Law

Criminal law and sanctions law are two very broad legal practice areas. At Van Oosten Schulz De Korte Advocaten, we focus on assisting the following who find themselves threatened with or facing administrative or criminal charges:

  • Directors, management and employees of businesses
  • Professionals such as lawyers, civil-law notaries, accountants, tax consultants and medical practitioners

Cases can relate to financial criminal law, environmental criminal law, general law, industrial accidents, fraud, corruption, sanctions and disciplinary law.

In the Netherlands, central and local authorities have a vast range of enforcement and sanctioning instruments at their disposal, so you and your company may find yourselves facing not only criminal charges but also administrative penalties and enforcement notices.

Enforcement notices are frequently accompanied by, or can easily lead to, sanctions. What’s more, governments can take measures without the intervention of a judge or public prosecutor. Those measures include heavy fines and orders subject to financial penalties. Therefore, it is essential that your lawyer has a good understanding of both administrative law and criminal law.

If you or your company are suddenly faced with criminal or administrative charges, don’t delay in seeking help. We can help, and the sooner you contact us, the better. Our team of specialists will clarify your actual and legal position, set up an internal investigation if necessary, help with civil law liability issues, and try to minimise potential damage to reputation and image.

Criminal Law attorneys

Mr. G.J. van Oosten (Geertjan)